Just an awesome beach in Kefallonia, Greece.
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Nikolas Melissaris

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Hey. I'm Nikolas. I come from Papagou, a small suburb outside of Athens, Greece. Nice of you to stop by. I like mathematics, especially the kind that can be applied to computer science. I'm a PhD student at Rutgers University where I'm lucky to have Periklis Papakonstantinou and Jaideep Vaidya as my advisors. I'm fascinated by all science but my main research interests lie in the areas of theory of computation, cryptography, combinatorics, graph theory, and privacy preserving techniques in machine learning.

In the past, I graduated with a BSc and MSc in Mathematics from the School of Applied Mathematical and Physical Sciences at the National Technical University of Athens and did graduate level coursework at the Computer Science department at CUNY before moving to Rutgers. I've worked at Nessos, the Computer Security Lab at UCSB, and Columbia University. I've taught about discrete mathematics, computer applications, databases, and web programming,

I live in the wonderful town of Hoboken in New Jersey.

It is my hope that one day we'll create the technology to be able to vote on important governamental decisions from the comfort of our home, bringing society one step closer to true, direct democracy. I love science, adventures, and satire. I dislike illogical discussions that lead nowhere, and reasoning based on faith, not evidence.

I try to be an adequate basketball player 🏀, punk rock listener 🤘, and stay away from skateboard related injuries ☠️.

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